Cornish Ancient Sites

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Ancient sites of West Penwith

If you’re resident in Cornwall or a Cornwall fan, or you’re likely to visit here this year, and if you’re into visiting ancient sites, these maps are useful.

The last five days, since it has been rainy a lot and quite often really white-out foggy, I’ve been doing my six-monthly updates of the ancient maps of Cornish and Scillonian ancient sites that I’ve been working on since 2015.

There are two main maps:
1. ancient sites
2. ancient site alignments

These are not just maps but also rather encyclopaedic databases. That is, if you click on an ancient site symbol, a popup give you information and links to other sites where there’s more info about that site.

The location of ancient sites is very accurate and these maps can be used in the field, so that you can find sites when tramping around.

However, before entering ancient sites, please switch your phone off completely, so that you don’t pollute the site and you feel and experience the site more clearly.

If you live in Cornwall or are visiting this summer, or if you’re a fan of Cornwall, these maps are very useful!

Click one of these:
All of the maps
Map of the Ancient Sites of Cornwall and Scilly
Map of the Ancient Site Alignments of Cornwall and Scilly

Key to the map symbols

And the rain has stopped (mostly), and the map updates are complete!

With love, Palden

Ancient Site Alignments