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palden-8955b-300I was born in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex in 1950, growing up in 1950s Cardiff, Wales, and 1960s Liverpool. Went to university at the London School of Economics during the time of revolution around 1970, and I never looked back.

Later I lived in the mountains of Wales, then I had to leave the country in 1974, regarded as a traitor and even a murderer, to live in Sweden until 1980. I’m really grateful for the safety and healing Sweden gave me.

There I started my later humanitarian work, specialising in trauma recovery, social reconstruction and freelance intelligence work in conflict zones.

But I didn’t easily fit into Sweden and, when I found out I was exonerated of my former alleged crimes, I returned to Britain. This involved a painful end to a relationship and the loss of two children. Without premeditation, I landed quickly in Glastonbury and I cried my eyes out with grief for two years in men’s groups and therapy groups.

Palden-9353Then came my instructions and I came alive again. In 1983-84 I started the UK camps movement – first with indoor gatherings in Glastonbury, then with summer camps, at first near Glastonbury, and later round the country.

The Glastonbury Camps, lasting three years, were followed by the OakDragon Camps, from both of which many other camps organisations sprouted, in several countries.  (More here.)

By 1990 I was burned out. I  went into book editing with an enlightened publisher called Gateway Books. In 1992 when I was asked to write The Only Planet of Choice – a book of communications from some cosmic beings called the Council of Nine. It was a privilage to write. I was also involved with editing a series of books by and about the Austrian genius Viktor Schauberger, and five books of alternative ideas about Jesus, and lots of other books too, through the 1990s.

palden-merrivale-ls-6586In 1995 I was back to doing camps – this time the Hundredth Monkey Camps. Here we did inner process work on the world issues of the time – Bosnia, French nuclear testing, forest fires, the Davos conferences and much more, often in circles of 70-100 people. It was remarkable and intense, though well worth doing.

This led on to a smaller twenty-year project called The Flying Squad, continuing this innerwork amongst a group of highly committed spiritual humanitarians who had bonded during the camps. Dedicatedly we stuck at it, working together for years.

By 2000 I had another burn-out session involving illness and near-death. Had the world gone beyond the point of no return? Had I been getting things fundamentally wrong in my life? Was there any hope? From this, I started working in Palestine – something that continues today.

I also ran a town website for Glastonbury which, at its peak around 2003-5, attracted over a million visitors, annually, raising the town’s profile tremendously.

paldenDSCF0019b-400In 2008-9 I made big life-changes. Leaving Glastonbury after 28 years, I landed up in Cornwall. Here I have been doing ‘alternative archaeology’, fully presented on the Ancient Penwith website.

And I rewrote a rather seminal 1987 book of mine, Living in Time, updating and improving it, to be published as Power Points in Time in 2015.

I also wrote a report about the world’s future by 2050, caolled Possibilities 2050. It took two years. It give the big picture about the future in a readable format, and it’s not a long book.

In 2019, despite a life of looking after myself well (sort of), I contracted bone marrow cancer. The specialist who gave me the diagnosis, when I asked its likely cause, simply said ‘radiation exposure’. And as it happens, I am electrosensitive – something the medical profession in UK does not recognise (that’s a political issue). But I have had a few exposures to nuclear radiation too. So my life is threatened by radiation – from mobiles, wi-fis, smart meters and nukes.

palden-CUFORG2015b-300I don’t know how long I shall survive, but I have had a full life, with plenty of achievements, magic, love, human relating, deep experiences, pain and bringing benefit to many people.

My Tibetan name means ‘radiant merit’ and my Bedouin name means ‘always giving’. And, for better or worse, that’s what I’ve done quite a lot of.

The results you can see on my website, Paldywan Kenobi’s place.

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