Healing the World 2

Wolf Rock lighthouse, 12 miles away

Here’s a new podcast from me…

Second in a series of thoughts and observations about world healing. For people interested in helping the world evolve and break through, by using meditation and innerwork.

When I was organising gatherings and camps in the 1980s, some quite remarkable things took place that demonstrated the capacity of innerwork to change things. Here’s a quote, about something that happened in 1983:

The high point of the weekend came when we spent twenty minutes sending meditative support to forty or so Glastonbury women who, that weekend, were at Greenham Common USAF base near Newbury on a major protest action against cruise missiles. The meditation seemed profound – we all were quite stirred by it. Later that day, Lydia, one of the women at Greenham, returned to report that the Glastonbury women had instigated a tearing down of the perimeter fence of the base. “We did it!”, she exclaimed. It turned out they had started doing this spontaneously at the very same time that we had sent our meditative support, earlier in the day.

I’ll always remember that look on Lydia Lyte‘s face….

In the early 1990s I was asked to write a book on behalf of the Council of Nine, some cosmic beings, not of this Earth, who had a lot to say about world healing, and this set me off on a path.

This later developed into two innerwork projects – the Hundredth Monkey Project and the Flying Squad. In these we developed a bundle of techniques and a body of experience, building up a momentum over a twenty year period and working with all sorts of issues during that time.

Now, in late life, and while I can, I’m bringing together my thoughts on world healing in writing and podcasts, to leave to posterity. This is part two (there might be five-ish).

32 minutes long, with bumbly evensong from our farm, and music by my friend Galen in Oregon.

With love from me, Paldywan Kenobi.

Get it on Spotify or on my website:


A seal at Porthgwarra, West Penwith, Cornwall

2 thoughts on “Healing the World 2”

  1. An interesting question, Kirsten, and thanks for that. I think there are several answers, or areas of focus:
    1. as you say, recipients, and their/our issues around that (vulnerability, immunity…);
    2. those who produce this stuff, and their issues (some might have malign intent and some might simply be desperate to make money)
    3. the microchips and systems that make up the internet, and the way this affects them, and perhaps some kinda psychic filters going into internet systems, and helping those in the web-security business to find good solutions.

    But there’s also a group-psyche question, where on some level we permit this stuff to go on – and that’s a comment on our wider society and its corruptions, and the moral-spiritual state of humanity as a whole.

    It’s important to be not too judgemental though. One aspect of this is that it’s part of an accelerating rebalancing of world wealth and power, and this is a mechanism by which the rich world is being leached of its wealth (for better and worse). But also, this isn’t Robin Hood stuff, and many of the people getting the money aren’t necessarily the kind of people who deserve help.

    So the issues are quite complex, and my suggestion is to break this down a bit and work around these issues and different aspects of them over time. Make it a theme and project.

    Good question though. In this case there’s no simple source of the problem, and it’s like a rot in the system and in humanity. it will pass, but how can we accelerate that and resolve it more fundamentally than simple laws, enforcement and the usual procedures?

    Bottom line is: our societies are not morally pure and, in a way, this is a culmination of an historic process where crime is given a moral structure in which to survive, owing to the ethical negligence of humanity over time.

    Love, Palden


  2. I have been puzzling over a way to approach absent healing for this pandemic of digital viruses and identity theft that is plaguing the world. Would it be best to approach it as an immune system problem, a nervous system or as a mental/emotional one. Any ideas of your own to throw into the mix, Palden?Your pod made my ponder on whether this intense wave of viruses is for the highest good and a necessary step on way to halt the insane gallop into AI control. Whaddya think? Kxxxx

    Kirsten Bolwig http://peteralfredplease.co.uk/golden_hoop/



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