HP Source

Pordenack Point, West Penwith, Cornwall

You’re welcome to join us.

This evening, Sunday, at 8pm UK time (7pm GMT) you are welcome to join our little circle of souls meditating together, wherever we live, for half an hour each week. (Check out the right time in your time zone.)

Do it your way – however you meditate, pray, chant or whatever you usually do – or simply spend some quiet time with us.

It’s all for encouraging forward progress, resolution and repair to humanity; benefit to nature and all beings; uplift to our planetary world, and welcoming higher powers to work with us and through us – HP Source.

Here’s a prayer for the people and the land of Sudan. This is an attempt by self-oriented forces in our world to take control and overpower a people’s movement for democracy. The ordinary people of Sudan have been making admirable progress in constructing a new way of being and designing their society, and this has, for now, been destroyed by force. It is now time for this kind of control agenda, force and destruction to come to an end. So may these sad events in Khartoum become a profound learning experience for the world, a revelation of the fundamentals that are involved and a moment of social re-empowerment and collective healing for the people of planet Earth, holding the Sudanese in light. May we as a people learn collective maturity so that we can steadily hold the circle of power, holding true to the needs and rights of humanity and all of the species that we share this world with.

There’s no sign-up, subscription, logon or strings – just join us in the energy-field of our circle of souls at the time when the channel is open.

Any questions about the weekly meditation, take a look here: www.palden.co.uk/meditations.html

With love, Palden

Carn Galva, as seen from the Nine Maidens stone circle

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