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I posted this on my Facebook page and it’s relevant here…


I have cancer and I cannot answer your messages, neither can I make a hundred exceptions to this! Similarly, if I tell you I cannot chat, this means that sending me another message in response does not help, no matter how much you care. Sorry, but energy-wise I am half-dead.

Also, many times per day I am asked how I am and whether I’m getting better – do you think it’s pleasant answering? I am unwell, and I go up and down on a daily basis – that’s my answer.

When I post material online, it means I am on a rare energy-upswing, and the next one will be four or more days later!

As for Youtube videos, especially conspiracy ones, I cannot watch them. In addition, concerning conspiracy information, please think carefully about these since the net effect of circulating such information publicly tends mainly to build public resistance against such ideas.

Secrets are intended to stay secret for good reasons, and they need spreading secretly, not publicly, because publicly they are not necessarily understood and they get distorted and sensationalised. It’s good to understand this. As a person who has been in war and disaster situations and on the edge of the intel community, I know this, from real-life experience. Did you really think I’ve told you everything I have seen and been involved with?

People (of all persuasions) don’t believe what they need to believe – they believe what they want to believe. This includes conventional mainstreamers. They tend to believe things that are convincingly or sensationally argued more than those things that actually are true or correctly interpreted.

I tend to write convincing things, but you still need to apply your filters to anything I write too!

I love you all and appreciate your presence in my life and your good wishes, but writing to me is counterproductive. It’s all too much to get a hundred mssages per day, only ten of which are genuinely person-to-person. It means I have to wade through all this stuff to find the stuff that matters.

Which is around 3-5 messages per day – many of the ppl sending such messages know who they are. So please please think twice about sending me messages! Thank you so much.

You see, cancer patients need to be straight with people. This can appear to be abrupt or self-centred. No, it is psychological survival – cancer patients are psychologically as well as physically vulnerable, even to well-meaning random bursts of healing and prayer from well-meaning people like you. Your vibes affect us.

Yes, ppl like me do need help, but we do not need verbal suggestions or offers of sympathy – we need ppl to actually do useful things with no fuss. I do actually need a locally-based home help – I can’t keep up with household chores.

Or there’s also the option of not doing things – that’s okay too if you’re straight and simple about it, mainly with yourself. I don’t feel bad toward people who do nothing – so leave the guilt somewhere else, please! It’s okay!

Bless you all. Happy fullmoon. Paldywan.

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