Paldywan on safari on a foggy Dartmoor two weeks ago. On last weekend’s expedition to Berry Head near Brixham I managed to walk nearly a mile – though I was shagged out afterwards!

Poor old Lynne doesn’t get much exercise though, walking along at my slow pace… but we enjoyed tea and biscuits back at the car.

More of my story follows soon, when the time is right. My brainz are suffering a chemo-fuelled brain-fog.

But on clearer moments I’m busy writing my book about the ancient sites of West Penwith (trouble coming for archaeologist friends!), and I’m really pleased with what’s unfolding.

Berry Head is a cliff sanctuary (usually known as a cliff castle, but I don’t think they are defensive), of which there are quite a few in Cornwall and Devon. It sits on a 157km long ‘backbone alignment’ that starts at Bartinney Castle and Lesingey Round in West Penwith, passing through the Dodman Point cliff sanctuary near Mevagissey and Rame Head near Plymouth. Impossible, sceptics will say – and this is why I’m writing this book. I rate cliff sanctuaries much higher than most prehistorians, dating them back to at least the Neolithic 3000s BCE (customarily they are dated to the iron age around 400 BCE – CE 100).

Love, Palden

Photos by Lynne.

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