I am a longstanding astrologer, and here are my thoughts on the 2020s and coming times. This was written on New Year’s Eve 2019.


And now we have 2020.

The 2010s have been a decade of badness, disappointments, dishonesties, beheadings, militias, authoritarians, insidious data encroachments… and a relentless economistic cultism, based on the belief that prosperity brings happiness. But that formula is not even working for the rich. Not an easy decade.

There have been hopeful signs in global uprisings and the Millennial generation, in Malala and Greta, and at last a rising tide of awareness of what lies before us, and some signs of corporate and governmental commonsense breaking out. But there’s much more to go.

I think the next decade is going to be decisive. It’s likely to be a decade of people, crowds and society, where human principles rise and profitability considerations decline as determinants of people’s lives and world events. The big issue will be people power versus social control, and progressives versus resisters. The broad consequences of exaggerated inequality, globally and within nations, will be critical.

A new mindset will be oozing up underneath, that has already started pushing up the ground – one that is both idealistic and pragmatic, local and global, and it will widen and deepen in its implications and complications as things develop.

It is led by Millennials in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, where they’re a third or more of the population and determined to have a better life. And the Millennials of the developed world will do their bit, within Europe’s and America’s inward-turning worlds.

In the late 2020s we’re likely to see an interesting few years of ‘cultural florescence’ and breakout. Astrologically, the time of Elizabeth I, Akbar the Great and Shakespeare gives an historic precedent, or another is the decade leading up to the American and then the French revolutions. It’s an eruption of a completely new viewpoint and perspective. Yet in some respects it was inevitable and it has roots in the past.

From 2026-29 we see an astrological configuration, a triangle called a Uranus sextile Neptune sextile Pluto, from Gemini to Aries to Aquarius. It’s all about ideas, communication, forwardness, principles, multiplicity and core issues – and throngs. And data. It will be challenging, struggly and exciting, with the full panoply of global issues coming at us full-on. A time of creativity, change, emergence and acceleration. Busy, noisy, a happening time.

As Greta and XR say, this is an emergency. Amazing things happen in emergencies, regardless of what prevailed before: bundles of things are resolved at once by the easiest way possible since there’s no alternative and no time. Following the late-20s acceleration, things won’t slow down – they’ll be going at a new intensity level.

Yet things are not likely to be resolved, though great progress might be made: the 2030s will be acute, an ongoing knife-edge with no ease or let-up, and we will not know whether corrective and adaptive measures will actually improve things. Yet potentially there can be a great healing, decontamination and reconstruction.

We’ll have to work hard through the 2030s and early 2040s – the world will be treading a sharp edge, and human issues will be edgy too, with outbreaks of insanity and sanity, illusions and inspired genius. And still, crowds.

Back in 1965-66 a Uranus-Pluto conjunction represented a dawn of a new mindset and reality. By the late 1970s it was progressing and developing. By 2010-12 it hit a crisis and crunch point, and by 2027 it will reach its florescence. Then it heads toward a mega-crunchpoint in 2048, the Uranus-Pluto opposition.

My prognosis is that 2048 will be Earth’s watershed: wherever we have got to by then will be the established reality we must live with, like it or not – and it will be some of both. There will be ample facts to face.

After that, we’ll know the extent of what happened and will be dealing with the outcomes. In the 2050s I think it will be a decade of aftermath – rather like the late-1940s and early 1950s.

But by the early 2060s something else will be starting. Whatever is the reality that has been established by then, something new will slowly, over the decades that follow, start emerging, and it will be more to do with creating the future than dealing with the past.

Underneath all this we are part of a slow, 500 year Neptune-Pluto cycle that started in 1890, crunches in 2061-64, crescendoes in 2140 and completes in the 2370s. On a very different Earth. Bigger, wider, longer-term threads of human evolution are unfolding underneath. And we are part of these, hardly aware of their tectonic rumblings.


If you understand astrology and would like to see the astrological charts showing these and other outer-planetary configurations, try hereThe Historical Ephemeris – a piece of work I did around 1990-93.